The Stanton E. Tefft Prize in Civil Rights

The purpose of this prize is to recognize and reward students who act to defend and protect rights guaranteed by the New Hampshire and United States Constitutions and the Bill of Rights. Those documents are the framework guaranteeing all Americans justice and equality.

Our goal is to identify seniors attending Bishop Brady High School, Concord High School, Concord Christian Academy, Merrimack Valley High School and St. Paul's in Concord, NH as well as seniors attending The Academy for Science and Design in Nashua, NH who through vigilance and effort have championed the rights of individuals or groups against denial of their legal rights.

If you are a senior at one of the above listed high schools, involved in activities which preserve and promote this important aspect of our American heritage and culture, we want to hear from you. If you know a senior involved in such an activity, please encourage her or him to apply.

Applications emailed, delivered or postmarked on or before May 1, 2018, will be eligible for a cash award of up to $1,000.00 which will be presented to the winner(s) in June of 2018.

After graduating from Concord High School, Williams College and Columbia Law School, Stanton E. Tefft practiced law for 52 years in both New York and New Hampshire. He devoted substantial time and resources in attempting to slow the erosion of those legal rights and to work for equal protection for all. The Tefft Foundation is strongly committed to continuing and advancing these efforts.

Civil Rights Application and Release Form

Part 1 and the Authorization form are to be filled out by the applicant. Part 2 is to be filled out by the person supporting the application and recommending the applicant. The applicant must be currently enrolled and in good standing in grade 12 of the listed Nashua and Concord high schools. The authorization is necessary and allows us to seek verification and clarification of information you provide.

The person supporting this application must be a teacher, administrator, counselor, a community leader, secular or religious, or other adult and can not be related to the applicant. This person must also have personal knowledge of the activities that qualify the applicant for this prize.

Applications must be emailed, delivered or postmarked on or before May 1, 2018.

All applications and release forms are in PDF Format which can be read in Adobe Acrobat Reader a free application for both Windows and Mac OS.

Civil Rights Application Parts 1 and 2 [PDF]

General Release Form [PDF]

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