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As a result of the pandemic, our Board has been unable to meet for the last three years. We've reviewed the applications individually, and consulted with each other by email and telephone. Voting was verified by email. Not as satisfactory as meeting in person. We are now hoping to resume normal operating procedures in 2023 and meeting in person. For us to consider any applications, they must be postmarked, emailed or hand delivered by May 1.

We have specific guidelines. Civil Rights applications must demonstrate what was done by the student to promote, defend or protect rights guaranteed by the NH and/or US Constitutions and the Bill of Rights. In the past, students organized workshops on "Knowing Your Rights" and "Truth in Recruitment". They've organized anti-war rallies, worked to undo racism and against gender inequality.

Jazz Music is truly an American art form. Some applicants play more than one instrument as is customary in jazz. One winner played four different instruments, many compose and play in bands, and pre-virus, played in VA hospitals and nursing homes. My second favorite winner played jazz on an euphonium.

Track & Field provides applicants the opportunity to not only do well for themselves but to help others achieve. The most recent winner accomplished that by organizing virtual training and virtual relay races. One winner who broke his leg couldn't compete, so he led the exercise program for the rest of his team, while he was on crutches.

After graduating from Concord High School, Williams College and Columbia Law School, Stanton E. Tefft practiced law for 52 years in both New York and New Hampshire. He devoted substantial time and resources in attempting to slow the erosion of those legal rights and to work for equal protection for all. The Tefft Foundation is strongly committed to continuing and advancing these efforts.

We occasionally discover organizations such as the Chapin Library and the Preservation Hall Foundation. The purpose of those organizations fit well with the purview of our own goals. There is no formal grant application and grants are not frequently given.

Our Board Members

Andrew Dunn, Dunbarton, NH
Paula Joyce, Durham, NH
Jon Meyer, Manchester, NH
Daniel Miller, New York, NY
Elizabeth Murray, Boston, MA
David Penchansky, Manchester, NH
M. Elaine Tefft, Bedford, NH

If you have any questions or suggestions, you can contact us at:

Stanton E. & M. Elaine Tefft Foundation
5 Meetinghouse Road
Bedford, New Hampshire 03110

Your gift to the Tefft Foundation, a 501(C)(3) organization, is tax deductible.

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Your gift to the Stanton E. and M. Elaine Tefft Foundation, a 501(c)(3) organization, is tax deductible

5 Meetinghouse Road - Bedford, NH 03110
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