M. Elaine Tefft who established the Foundation fifteen years ago, and her late husband Stanton E. Tefft.

In 2005, I decided to carry on with the work my late husband and I had been doing. The mechanism I chose was to establish a Foundation. The Tefft Foundation became a 501C(3) in 2013. Prior to that year, it was funded entirely from my personal funds.

The primary function of the Foundation is the preservation of our culture and heritage. We do that primarily by supporting and recognizing seniors in seven New Hampshire schools who act to preserve and promote jazz music, civil rights and track & field sports.

Stan and I devoted substantial time, effort and resources to those areas. The Foundation maintains that focus wherever there is some aspect of our culture and heritage that is threatened. That has resulted in awards being given in New Hampshire, Louisiana and Massachusetts.


June 2020 was the first time in our fifteen year history that a high school senior has won the Preservation of American Heritage Award.

The winner is a sculptural blacksmith and metalworker who made his first forge from his parents Hibachi and his Speedster wagon when he was in the 8th grade. When he was 17, he was juried into the League of New Hampshire Craftsmen. This June, Colton Workman graduated from Gilford High School.

The foundation also awarded a prize in Track & Field to Emma York of Merrimack Valley High School. Because of the pandemic, she established virtual strength exercise programs for her team and lead virtual competitions including a marathon relay via a Zoom meeting.

To date, 30 prizes have been awarded to high school seniors:

7 in Civil Rights
11 in Jazz
11 in Track & Field
1 for Preservation of Our Heritage

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